Wine Serving Tips!


There are many ideas when it comes to this one but listed below are some basic guidelines to assist you:

– “White wine with fish and red wine with meat” is an idea many claim to work well.

– Red wines should be served at the room temperature, while white wines, roses, and champagnes are served chilled.

– The more flavorful the food, the stronger the wine. While lighter food calls for a lighter wine.

– Wine loves air, which revives its sleeping flavors. It’s highly recommended to open a bottle about an hour prior to serving.

– A bottle of wine should be handled extremely carefully.

– Red wine bottles do not need dusting prior to opening. They are opened on a hard surface. White wines rose, and champagne should ideally be opened in an ice bucket.

– Red wines corks are sniffed to make sure the wine has not spoiled, which can allow the cork to smell badly.   You don’t need to smell white and rose wine corks since the wine was refrigerated.

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